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Design Process—

Due to the wide variety of content that needs to be presented on the website, it is highly focused on utility and maximizing space for imagery. The design is modular, allowing for many configurations of content without needing to create custom components for each case study.

The design is inspired by brutalist philosophy, which further highlights the utilitarian and structural elements of the page and makes them key characteristics of the overall aesthetic.


A monospace typeface is utilized for the functional and technical aspects of the website, such as project filters and meta information. Code snippets and technical process information are also presented in monospace, reserving the sans-serif for project names and descriptions, emphasizing a more human component of the work presented within the digital space.

Color Palette—

The color palette is minimal, utilizing colors reminiscent of the 16 named colors ratified in the 1999 HTML 4.01 specification, helping set the same tone of retrofuturism established by the sans-serif typeface.


The website is built with React, using Next.js for server-side rendering. The website content is powered by, a SASS, headless CMS. Music data is sourced from the API and fed from Spotify.

The website is hosted on a small virtual private server running Ubuntu and Nginx. Reverse proxies are set up to route traffic to locally run applications.

Change Log—

July 10 - Upgrade Ubuntu from 14.04.5 to 16.04, upgraded Ngnix 1.10.3 to support HTTP/2, enabled HTTP/2, various accessibility and best practice updates

July 7 - Moved website to a VPS, installed SSL and set up to securely serve videos and other static content

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